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Reimage allows its customers to easily repair and rebuild Windows in case they experience any kind of problem. Viruses and other malicious attacks are done to slower down the execution of your PC and to use information available on your system for illegal use. Antiviruses may not always be the best option for fighting against these attacks as they tend to consume large number of vital resources of your system. The setup process is simple where it first performs a free scan of your computer detailing the features and problems of your system, then after you purchase its 1 year license the repairs are done. provides following services to its customers:

Apart from all these services provided, also offers full money back guarantee to its customers allowing them to get their money back if they are not happy with the repair done. Customer service is good which allows customers to get their problems resolved directly using the LIVE chat feature provided.

Reimage : What makes it different?

Few benefits of using the services of have been given below:

  • Virus Protection and Removal- not only helps in protecting your system for threating viruses but also identifies and removes them from your computer saving it from any kind of harm and file corruption.
  • Windows Repair- It is often observed that due to changes in either your registry files or some other software failure windows gets corrupted. With reimageplus, customers have the facility to repair and rebuild the things which are causing problems in efficient execution of Window and its services.
  • Registry Optimization- A distinguishing feature of optimizing the registry is provided which allows modifications to be done in configurations of registry for smooth running of your PC.
  • Hardware Repair- Repair of different stopped or non-functioning hardware allows users to enable complete rebuilding of their windows and other important files without loss of any information.  
  • DLL Restoration: Another special feature of is that it allows replacement and restoration of DLL files as and when it is required.
Reimage vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Reimage )

Key competitors of are,, and all other antiviruses. provides one of the best online solutions for speeding up and enhancing the performance of your PC. It works by removing duplicate files to clear space used for irrelevant data, accelerate startup and shutdown times, fix system issues and clean PC when required and many more.

Other than this many antivirus available including, and others provide similar services as protecting your PC from various virus and spyware attacks. Compared to these antiviruses, not only provided protection from viruses and convenient repair but also speeds up your pc performance along with the ability to repair and rebuild windows.

Most of the antiviruses available allows viruses to be detected and removed but nor repaired, compared to this allows viruses to be repaired thereby protecting vital information that would have been destroyed otherwise. Hardware repair, complete information about new and updated replacement files and DLL files restoration and replacement are some of the other distinguishing features provided by compared to antiviruses. 

Reimage : Pricing & packages

There are three plans available at namely Home plan, Business plan and Renewal plan. Home Plan is priced at $69.95 annually if the customer wants 1 license with unlimited usage. In case the customer wants to have 2 more licenses charges only $15 per license issued. The Home plan comes with many features including Virus and Spyware Removal, repair viruses damages, various stability issues of windows, windows registry optimization, hardware analysis, PC scan and assessment and much more.

Business Plan is the unlimited windows pc repair plan which allows businesses to increase their productivity by repairing multiple systems directly without loss of vital information available on any system.

The Renewal Plan as the name suggests allows customers to renew their services with before their subscription expires. Customers are notified via emails when their subscription time is going to end and if they are using the Automatic Renewal Plan their account will be renewed automatically for avoiding any kind of inconvenience.

Reimage : Product images & screenshots
Reimage Coupons
Reimage : Customer reviews & comments

Reviews from customers who have used the services of are given below:

“Very satisfied. Good value for the money. First program I found that would actually repair the damage caused by a virus. Thanks.”

“Repaired keyboard start up issue and touch interface issue. Brilliant. Would have cost me twice as much to get someone to do it.”

“Just signed up for a trial and was a bit skeptical... New products are always coming out... Reimage will do for the IT professional what the iPod did for the music listener.”

“Reimage has changed our business. We have no complete operating system reinstalled anymore! Running Reimage fixed every problem we come across every time!”

“I never write this kind of letter to suppliers,but I have been so overjoyed at how your software fixed some problems that I have been trying to get rid of for months that I felt I had to thank you. I am not sure how I stumbled upon it but when I read what it could do I immediately bought a download and watched it do its thing, Wow! my computer thinks its new! I consider myself a geek, so I realize the work that must have gone into this. Keep up the good work guys and if you want to use this letter in your advertising, no problem!”

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Comments (3)

Thank you dear Rahul. Nice article. Voted. Thanks for friendship and support.

Rahul Singh is full of $hit.  Read the reviews here:

Rahul is a shill.  This program is pure MALWARE.  Beware!  You have been warned.  Do Not download this!

Rahul is a shill for reimage plus.  This is trojan malware.

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