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It has long been known that cleaning and repairing the Windows registry is a vital part of computer maintenance. RegZooka is a program that promises to perform registy cleanup and repair in a quick, effective, and safe way.

RegZooka's features and options look very attractive. For a start, it's algorithm ensures that the program can repair most registry errors, such DLL errors, ActiveX errors, and application errors. But that's not all. RegZooka can also perform advanced registry repair and fix access violation errors and BSODs.

But RegZooka is not just a simple registry cleaner. In addition to its registry cleanup and repair features, the program has a Windows Startup Manager to help users speed up Windows boot, a Registry Defrag utility to compact the registry and free up RAM, and an automatic backup functionality, which makes using RegZooka absolutely safe.

RegZooka: What makes it different?

When it comes to registry maintenance software, there is a lot of competition around. Worse still, a lot of the registry cleanup applications are bogus and can do more harm than good. RegZooka is a program that has some advanced features that put it ahead of most of the competitors.

One of the main benefits of RegZooka is its ability to not only clean the registry, but also perform registry defragmentation. Registry fragmentation is a natural by-product of registy cleanup and repair, when entries are deleted and free space is left scattered all over the Windows registry. The more fragmented the registry is, the longer Windows needs to access the entries it requires for operation. RegZooka's Registry Defrag tool can fight this problem, compact the registry, and thus revitalize computer performance.

Another handy RegZooka's feature is a Windows Startup Manager. With the help of this utility, users can disable unnecessary applications launching on Windows startup and speed up computer boot.

RegZooka vs. primary competitors (sites similar to RegZooka)

RegZooka's main paid competitors are RegCure and ReImage. Like RegZooka, these two programs' primary focus is registry cleanup and repair. While a lot of their features and functionality match RegZooka's, some of the options are missing.

RegCure has a good solid registry repair functionality and can deal with the same types of registry errors as RegZooka. In addtion to that, it has a startup manager and offers automatic backup and restore in case something goes wrong. However, it lacks one important feature - registry defragmentation. Without it, registry repair can never guarantee the best results.

ReImage is an interesting application that claims to perform a complete re-write of damaged and missing files. However, what it really does is traditional registry cleanup and repair. While the software fixes most types of registry errors, it doesn't have important features like a startup manager or a registry defragmenter.

All in all, RegZooka has the most complete set of features and options to ensure successfull registry repair and performance boost.

RegZooka: Pricing & packages

RegZooka costs $29.95/computer and there is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. The price also covers unlimited technical support by a team of computer professionals who are available 24/7.

In addition to that, RegZooka's customers are eligible to purchase SpyZooka for just $10. That's with a hefty $19.95 discount. This product protects computers from hacker attacks and prevents virus invasion.

To compare with leading rivals, there are a lot of registry cleaners offering more affordable and cheaper prices. However, the payments will only cover the product and a one year license. Thus RegCure pricing is the same, but the money back guarantee doesn't last as long as RegZooka's. As for ReImage, it costs $69.95, which is a lot more than what you pay for RegZooka.

RegZooka: Product images & screenshots
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RegZooka: Customer reviews & comments

When it comes to software, a good indication of its quality is customer reviews and testimonials. RegZooka appears to have a lot of happy customers that used the software to speed up and repair their computers. Most of the customers like how fast RegZooka is and are happy with its error-detection and registry repair capabilities. A lot of RegZooka's customers use the software for ongoing computer maintenance and run it on a weekly basis.

To be fair, there are several not so favourable RegZooka reviews on the web. The two main complaints are that the trial version of the program won't fix errors and that the download link was broken on one of the popular software download websites.

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Excellent review!

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Excellent review, Liz. I'm glad having you at factoidz.

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Very nice piece of work.

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Thank you, Martin!

Great review Liz. I know who I can trust when it comes to software reviews!

an excellent review. keep it up

R Rawlins

I have used RegZooka and SpyZooka before and I'm a believer in Blue Penguin Software. However the "10%" discount offered by this webpage did not materialize.

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I'm sorry about this - not my fault. Perhaps you should contact Factoidz and let them know about this problem. Hope it gets resolved.

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