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If someone told you there was a product that increased your PC speed by up to 1000%, raised your computer performance to beyond Windows file-level cache and dramatically improved read and write times, would you believe them? The good news is that you can indeed do all of the things just mentioned, thanks to Raxco’s programme ‘PerfectCache.’ By using patented block-level caching technology to improve system speed and performance, you’ll have a brand new PC at only a fraction of the cost.

This technology works by breaking the disk I/O bottleneck and storing the most frequently used data on your PC’s memory rather than the hard disk. This enables some PC’s to improve their response time by up to 1000%! The core component of this technology is a storage volume filter driver, which is stored in the storage stack above the volume class drivers. PerfectCache simply optimises flows at the block-level. When your system requests disk data that is frequently used, PefectCache intercepts the request and fulfils it using your computer’s cache rather than using its hard disk. When the data is requested from the cache, the performance is comparable to a RAM (Random Access Memory) disk and the speed is much, much faster. PerfectCache can also speed up your computer’s performance by accelerating disk writes. By using deferred writing, write requests are instantly written to the cache and later they will be written to the hard disk. This system is also known as ‘lazywriting’ and the data stored in the cache is ‘lazily’ written to the disk afterward, keeping your computer’s speed and performance of paramount importance. 

PerfectCache: What makes it different?

In some commercial tests (see Raxco’s blog) they have been able to prove performance increases in excess of 1000%. So this software is letting you use your own computer, but improving it 1000 fold. Impressive? CAD users, multi-media professionals, high-end gamers and software developers are all beginning to get very excited by PerfectCache. Not least because PerfectCache offers an affordable solution, when all that had previously been available was expensive improve SQL performance software and SSD’s (Solid State Drives).

There are several key benefits to using this software, when compared to conventional Windows performance and speed options. Take ‘disk defragmentation’ for example. Yes it improves computer performance but not to the extent of the speeds PerfectCache can and it requires several man hours to accomplish, time in which your computer will be inoperative and only users with administrative rights are able to run the software. PerfectCache can be used by anyone or any employee, will not require regular man-hours to service or take your computer away from you for long periods of time.

The biggest benefit beyond doubt of using PerfectCache is that it delivers huge increases in processing time for business users, by optimising computer workstation and server performance, way beyond that of Windows file-level cache alone. For big businesses this means that your employees are more productive, your computers are more efficient and the bottom-line is of course, that more work gets done in less time.

System requirements for using PerfectCache are at least a 300MHz processor speed, 1GB of RAM although 2GB is recommended and 20MB of disk space.

Raxco software is the holder of Windows IT Pro Reader’s choice award, Redmond Reader’s Choice ‘Best Disk Defragmenting & Disk Monitoring Tool’ award and CNET’s ‘Best Disk Defragmenting Software’ award.

There is even a free trial, so you can be sure this product is the perfect solution for your needs BEFORE you buy it! As if that wasn’t enough there is 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

PerfectCache vs. primary competitors (sites similar to PerfectCache)

Key competitors of PerfectCache are Superspeed and Imation. Superspeed offers a very similar product to that of PerfectCache. They use block-level caching technology to raise system level performance. They also use deferred writing or ‘lazywriting’ to speed up your system’s performance. It supports all versions of Windows and is perfect for any operating system which is 300MHz or higher and has a minimum of 1GB of RAM. They too offer trialware but it is a much more long-winded application than that of PerfectCache with form filling, emails and system assessments before Superspeed will reply to your application. PerfectCache allows you download their free trial there and then for maximum efficiency. The biggest downside of Superspeed vs. PerfectCache has to be the costs involved with buying it. The cost would make it prohibitive to most individuals and you would certainly want to think twice before buying it, when parting with hundreds of dollars.

Imation offer SSD’s (Solid State Drives) to improve the performance and reliability of your computer system. These drives enable your system to boot up faster, find files and applications more quickly and run much more efficiently than normal hard drives. They have a great rugged design which can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear and can be used in particularly harsh environments. They also run on about half the power of a HDD (Hard Disk Drive), so less energy is required in keeping your computer system cool. They have a particularly good 5 year warranty. Again the biggest downside of using a SSD is the prohibitive cost, which is considerably more expensive than the cost of installing PerfectCache. Another downside is that they are not available for immediate use, you’ll have to go out and buy one or order one online and wait for it to arrive. PerfectCache enables you to speed up the performance of your PC virtually instantly. 

PerfectCache: Pricing & packages

PerfectCache retails at $79.95 for a single license, but buyers are not limited to living in America. You call buy this product all over the world and they’ll convert the currency of the country of your choice.

Superspeed retails at $449.95 for their SuperCache5 and is available on 1-2 CPU’s.

Imation have SSD’s starting at anywhere from around $166.99 - $994.70, depending on the system improvement and version you require.

PerfectCache is without doubt the best buy in terms of cost and ease of use. The free trial will make sure this is the right product for you and the satisfaction guarantee gives you that little bit extra piece of mind. 

PerfectCache: Product images & screenshots
PerfectCache Coupons
PerfectCache: Customer reviews & comments

Here is what PerfectCache’s customers and followers have been saying about them:

I wasn't too sure what to expect when taking up services, but the professionalism from the site to the customer service is the slickest I have ever experienced.

-Camryn, Surrey, UK


When it comes to things like video editing and 3d gaming, PerfectDisk keeps my disk running smoothly. Even after hours of intense gaming or editing, I find that my disk is hardly fragmented and that if I want to do a defrag it only takes a couple of minutes, whereas with Diskeeper I found that no matter whether I had just defragmented 5 minutes or an hour ago, the defrag takes very much longer. With Perfect Disk, I KNOW that there won't be much fragmentation even after many hours of use, so I look forward to doing a defrag because it's so quick and efficient.

Also, Diskeeper seems to take ages defragging 4kb index.dat files, which are basically useless and slow down the defragging process to a crawl and is a real turn off. Perfect Disk, on the other hand, gets the job done very efficiently so I can enjoy my time doing other things and not wait for ages for a defrag to complete.

* had this to say:

Disk and system optimization application

PerfectCache is software that can greatly enhance disk performance. Hard drives tend to be among the slowest devices in a computer system. PerfectCache puts hard disk data in RAM to dramatically accelerate programs and services that frequently or constantly access that disk data.

PerfectCache functions in 1 of 2 modes:

Caching Mode is the best (and default) choice when the size of the data requiring accelerated access is larger than available system memory. Caching Mode leverages available memory to accelerate data of very large sizes. It also supports the 'tuning' of its cache to extract peak performance from a particular application or server.

Mirror Mode is the best choice when the size of the data to be accelerated is less than the available system memory. In this case, all disk data is stored in RAM, as well as on the disk, resulting in the fastest access times possible.

Both modes support write-through and write-deferred modes. In write-through mode, all write data is immediately saved to disk, effectively eliminating any additional risk of data loss due to a power failure or a system crash.

In write-deferred mode, write data is immediately written to RAM, and at a later time written to disk. By deferring writes in this way, extremely high performance is possible for applications and services that modify large quantities of data.

Get PerfectCache and try it yourself to see how useful it can be for increasing the overall system performance.

Here are some key features of "PerfectCache":

Caching Mode:
· Supports volumes sizes from 256 MB to 256 TB
· Supports cache sizes from 128 MB to maximum available memory
· Unmanaged Memory feature supports all installed memory+ on 32-bit platforms
· Supports Basic or Dynamic disks
· Supports caching the operating system’s volume (boot partition)
· Supports caching volumes containing page files
· Supports volumes without drive letters
· Supports volumes with proprietary file systems
· Dynamic configuration, including start and stop caching (no reboot)
· Cache page size (granularity) from 4 KB to 256 KB
· Fail-safe cache allocation
· Write-through or write-deferred modes
· Average dirty page latency setting from 1 to 14400 seconds (4 hours)
· Suspended lazy-write option
· Improved support for NUMA on qualified systems

Mirror Mode:
· Supports volumes sizes from 16 MB to maximum available memory
· Unmanaged Memory feature supports all installed memory+ on 32-bit platforms
· Supports Basic or Dynamic disks
· Supports caching the operating system’s volume (boot partition)
· Supports caching volumes containing page files
· Supports volumes without drive letters
· Supports volumes with proprietary file systems
· Dynamic configuration, including start and stop caching (no reboot)
· Write-through or write-deferred modes
· Average dirty page latency setting from 1 to 14400 seconds (4 hours)
· Suspended lazy-write option
· Improved support for NUMA on qualified systems


· 300 MHz processor or higher
· Minimum 512 MB RAM
· FAT, FAT32, NTFS, RAW and proprietary file systems
· 20MB free disk space for installation


· 14 days trial


Yahoo News had this to say:

Gaithersburg, MD (PRWEB) August 02, 2011

Raxco Software, a leader in performance and storage management software, announced today that it is expanding its product line beyond disk defragmentation and optimization for both businesses and consumers. The new products, PerfectCache Server for business, PerfectCache Workstation for business and consumers, and PerfectRegistry and PerfectUpdater for consumers, complement PerfectDisk, Raxco’s award-winning family of disk defrag products.

Introduced recently at the FOSE government technology conference to rave reviews, the PerfectCache product set optimizes workstation and server performance and delivers huge increases in processing time speeds for business users. PerfectCache implements patented block-level caching technology to raise system performance beyond that of the Windows file-level cache alone. By using the PC’s or server’s system memory to store the most frequently used data to execute read and write requests from memory rather than from disk, PerfectCache breaks the typical disk I/O bottleneck. PerfectCache's core component is a storage volume filter, allowing it to intelligently store frequently used disk data in system memory.

Also being introduced this week are PerfectRegistry and PerfectUpdater. PerfectRegistry fixes invalid registry errors, and defrags and compacts the registry to improve system response time. It also helps prevent system crashes and other system errors, and improve overall PC performance. PerfectUpdater automatically scans systems for out-of-date drivers and installs updated drivers with a single click. Without PerfectUpdater, keeping a system’s drivers up to date is a very time-consuming task. Keeping a computer’s drivers up to date is another key aspect of maintaining top performance.

“We’re excited to release the first set of business and consumer performance and PC health products outside our PerfectDisk flagship product line,” said Arthur Frischman, president of Raxco Software. “As evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive response of PerfectCache at FOSE, we’ve delivered another best-of-breed solution, just as PerfectDisk has been for years. And with the great response we’ve received from consumers on PerfectRegistry and PerfectUpdater, we’ve begun delivering on bolstering our product line as promised. The future is bright for Raxco and our customers.”

PerfectCache Workstation, PerfectCache Server, PerfectRegistry and PerfectUpdater are available immediately. Pricing starts at $79.99 for PerfectCache Workstation, $449.99 for PerfectCache Server, and $39.99 for PerfectRegistry and PerfectUpdater. Quantity discounts are available for PerfectCache.


In conclusion, Raxco have come up with an amazing product at an amazing price. An improvement of 1000% is simply unheard of anywhere else in the industry for the price that PefectCache retails at. With a free trial and your money back if not completely satisfied, you haven’t got a lot to lose. What you’ve got to gain however, in terms of man-hours, productivity and system ease-of-use is quite remarkable!

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