Avg.com Website Review & Ratings + AVG PC Tuneup Coupons
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Avg.com Website Review & Ratings + AVG PC Tuneup Coupons

AVG PC Tuneup is a utility software which provides utlities that help in better functoning of your computer. It is amongst the best utlity softwares available on the market and it offers many features like:

System Scan: AVG PC Tuneup checks your system for any registry errors, fragmented disk errors, junk files and other disk errors. Once the system scan is complete it tells you all the problems and they can be repaired by just one touch.

Removing Duplicates: AVG PC Tuneup can be used to free some of your hard drive space by removing the duplicate files. It check the hard drive for any duplicate file using the criterion of file name. After the scan is complete the user can delete the duplicate file and keep a single original file.

Startup Items: AVG PC Tuneup also allows the user to adjust the softwares which should get started during system startup. This helps in increasing the speed of the system during startup.

System Defragment: This feature allows the user to defragment its hard drive which helps in faster functioning of the system.

System Advisor: Using this feature the user is advised what all changes he should make in his system which will help in better functioning of his device.

Erase Browser History and Temporary Files: AVG PC Tuneup helps the user to delete all the unnecessary files and the browser history so that nobody can know what all websites the user has visited.

AVG PC Tuneup: What makes it different?

AVG PC Tuneup has several features which sets itself apart from other sofwtares of its category. Some of those features are:

  • Fast System Scan: AVG PC Tuneup is amongst the most fast utlity softwares. It can scan the whole PC system at a very swift pace.
  • Deleted File Recovery: This is one feature of AVG PC Tuneup which is not very common amongst utility softwares. AVG PC Tuneup can be used to recover all the deleted files, which have been deleted a few days ago.
  • Small Size: AVG PC Tuneup is very small in size and it does not take up much of the user's hardrive space.
  • System Information: AVg PC Tuneup is amongst the few softwares which provides in depth system information on its home screen. Information like RAM, Processor etc.
  • System Analyzer: AVG PC Tuneup has a very good system analyzer which analyzes the system swiftly and then suggest proper changes.
  • One Touch Repair: After counting all the system errors the errors can be repaired by just clicking one button.
AVG PC Tuneup vs. primary competitors (sites similar to AVG PC Tuneup)

AVG PC Tuneup is amongst the top utility softwares available in the market, but it has some competitors as well. The two most competitive utility softwares are:

TuneUp Utilities

Norton Utilities

AVG PC Tuneup vs TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities is regared by many as the best utility software in the whole market but it has a few pros and cons when compared tov AVG PC Tuneup.

Features where AVG PC Tuneup has the upper hand

  • Faster: When compared to TuneUp Utilities, AVG PC Tuneup is faster in its processing, repair process and system analyzing.
  • User Friendly: AVG PC Tuneup is more user friendly as compared to TuneUp Utilities. It is very easy to use and is a great choice for any utlility software beginner.
  • Low on Size: AVG PC Tuneup is much smaller in size as compared to TuneUp Utilities. The setup size of AVG PC Tuneup is less than 10 MB where as the setup size of TuneUp Utilities is less than 25 MB
  • Low on Cost: AVG PC Tuneup is much cheaper as compared to TuneUp Utilities.

Features where TuneUp Utilities has the upper hand

  • Professional and Attractive looking Interface: TuneUp Utilities has more professional looking interface and the interface is more attractive as compared to AVG PC Tuneup.
  • File Shredder: This is one feature which TuneUp Utilites has but AVG PC Tuneup does not. File Shredder allows the user to safely delete the file from the hard disk.


Overall when we compare AVG PC Tuneup with TuneUp Utilties it can be said that both of them are equally good but AVG PC Tuneup is cheaper and smaller in size whereas TuneUp Utilities has a better and more professional look.

AVG PC Tuneup vs Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities is an older utility software as compared to AVG PC Tuneup and it has several great features.

Features where AVG PC Tuneup has the upper hand

  • File Recovery: This a feature which is supported by AVG PC Tuneup but Nortron Utilities does not have this feature.
  • Low on Size: AVG PC Tuneup has a smaller size as compared to Norton Utilities. AVG PC Tuneup has a setup size of  less than 10 MB whereas Norton Utilites has a size of less than 25 MB.
  • More Features: AVG PC Tuneup has many more features like file recovery as compared to Norton Utilities.
  • Low on Cost: AVG PC Tuneup is cheaper than Norton Utilities.

Features where Norton Utilities has the upper hand

  • System Restore: This is one feature which AVG PC Tuneup does not have.


Overall it can be said that when we compare AVG PC Tuneup with Norton Utilties then AVG PC Tuneup has the edge. It is much cheaper than Norton Utilities and provides more features than Norton Utilities.

AVG PC Tuneup: Pricing & packages

AVG PC Tuneup is amongst the cheapest and most cost effective utility softwares which can be found in the market.

AVG PC Tuneup Cost

AVG PC Tuneup costs 22.99 GBP (Great Britain Pounds) or $37 which is inclusive of taxes. As compared to other products provided by AVG there is not discount on AVG PC Tuneup. AVG PC Tuneup can be bought online from the official AVG website. The package is available for a single computer and it is available for one year. AVG PC Tuneup is also available for a free trial.

AVG PC Tuneup Cost vs Others

When AVG PC Tuneup is compared to other utlityi softwares available in the market it can be said that AVG PC Tuneup is cheaper than its competitors but it can be used on only one computer whereas its competitors can be used in three computers.

TuneUp Utilities costs $49.95 or 30 GBP. It can be purchased from TunUp Utilities official website. The big difference in the cost is becuase TuneUp Utilities can be used on upto three PC's with a single purchase. The website also offers a 15 day trial period in which the user can use the software for 15 days without purchasing it.

Norton Utilities costs $49.99 or 30 GBP. It can be purchased from the official Norton website. It can be used on three PC's with a single purchase. The company provides a 30 days trial period of this product as well.

AVG PC Tuneup: Product images & screenshots
AVG PC Tuneup Coupons
AVG PC Tuneup: Customer reviews & comments

AVG PC Tuneup has been reviewed by many people and here is what these people had to say about AVG PC Tuneup and AVG: 

Reviews for AVG PC Tuneup

"This is a nice addition to the antivirus program. It does remove unwanted and hundreds of temporary files from my computer." Said by Johnpowell  (Source)

"Avg tuneup has many effectiveness and defectiveness. first of all what i didnt like is that its about 30$ but its worth it! the its somewhat complicated to use but you can figure out how thigs works after 3 to 4 uses. now the bright side is that i have had cable internet for a year now and the speed was like 8 mbps in starting and then its like 2 to 4 mbps but Avg has tuned up my internet to about 6 to 7 mbps and thats priceless plus it takes literally 15 seconds to start the computer and so my final conclusion is that Avg tuneup has made my Hp computer worth it." Said by Manthan (Source)

"PC Tuneup 2011 has an impressive set of maintenance tools, there are so many, I might have miscounted, but I think there are 18.

I have found nothing bad to say about this program and trust me I am more surprised then you. It’s almost unheard of for me to not make a negative remark."  Said by MJD (Source)

Reviews for AVG

"I tried a few different programs in my day. Absolutely none have ever been as effective as AVG. While nothing is perfect, AVG seems to strive to be as close as they can be in their craft. Thanks for making the 'net possible for me and my family." Said by Keven Krantz (Source)

"I found AVG 4 years ago. It makes virus protection easy regardless of your experience level. I really appreciate the fact that I don't have to worry about other family members and what they are doing. Thanks." Said by Steve Cochran (Source)

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Comments (1)
Abdul Yad

After previously being a TuneUp Utilities owner, I have now moved to AVG Tune Up. AVG scans a lot faster and is definitely a lot less in size.

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